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Firstech DC3 / RS1B-DC3 Introduction

Mike R.    10-18-2018

Mike from Firstech goes over the contents, features, and capabilities of the CM-DC3 from Firstech. The CM-DC3 is included in the RS1B-DC3 remote starter, which is available at Best Buy locations.

Flashing your Firstech DC3 Module

Mike R.   

https://compustar.idatalink.com Flash your Firstech CM-DC3 module with vehicle-specific firmware for your next remote start installation.

DC3 Remote RF Programming (Firstech, Compustar, Arctic Start)

Mike R.   

Programming aftermarket remotes to a CM-DC3 remote starter is now simpler and faster, especially for push-to-start vehicles!

DC3 Remote Start Walkthrough (NI5 Nissan 2013 Murano)

Mike R.   

Mike walks us through the installation of a DC3 remote start, security, and keyless entry system onto a 2013 Nissan Murano.

RS1B-DC3 Harness Update

RS1B-DC3 remote start systems now are packaged without installation harnesses. For hardwire remote start installs, please use the FT-HRN-DC3. For t-harness installs using the old, yellow t-harness boxes, please use the free FT-HRN-DC3-EX accessory that is free. Watch the video to learn more.

How to Program a Compustar Remote Transmitter (CM7 or CM900)

The #1 benefit of using a Compustar over any other system is the flexibility that our systems offer! Remotes can be paired with any system so that your customers always have the option to upgrade their range and features.

How to Program Tach

Introduction to the OP500

Adjust the settings of your Compustar remote or security control module by connecting it to the Option Programmer (or 'OP500') via the antenna port. Note: some remote transmitters also feature the ability to change settings on the control module. Learn more

Installing the DAS

To add multiple security sensors and to maximize the safety of your vehicle, add the DAS by following the examples.