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Remote Feature Activations

How to enable and disable features with a Compustar remote.

Tach Programming

Josh White    06-15-2016

Tips and tricks for finding and programming a tach signal.

Manual DAS Setting and Testing

Josh White    06-14-2016

Our new process for manually setting the sensitivity for the DAS shock sensor. We also walk through how to properly test the shock sensor for proper impact before delivering the vehicle to the customer.

PTS Remote Programming

Josh White   

How to program remotes to the CM-7X00 series brains with the new PTS learning process.

Reservation Mode Walkthrough

Josh White   

An explanation of how Reservation is set with a PTS vehicle (option 1-06-2). We also have an overview of some alternate settings that can be added like Turbo Timer Mode.

Safety Reservation Exit and DAS Shutdown

Josh White   

An explanation of how Reservation can be canceled and many of the safety features built into our CM-7X00 series brains for Manual Transmission vehicles.

2W705R-SH Programming Remote Settings

A walk-through of how to change the settings on the 2W705R-SH remote!

2W705R-SH Advanced Operation

Josh White   

A walkthrough of the Advanced Operations of the 2W705R-SH remote!

2W705R-SH Remote Basics

Josh White   

A walk-through of the Basic Operations of the 2W705R-SH remote!

Intro to the CM-7200

Josh W.    03-08-2016

The CM-7200 control module is the foundation for all Compustar remote start and security systems. Watch this video to view this basic overview of the CM-7200.


Derek W. & Bryan P.   

Connect any remote start and/or security system to a smartphone with DroneMobile Smartphone Control. Enable features such as GPS tracking and geofencing by adding DroneMobile to a Compustar system.

How to Flash Your Control/Bypass Modules

Compustar's control modules and bypass modules can be flashed via BBWeblink.com to fit with most vehicles on the road today, including manual-transmissions, diesels, and select luxury makes!

Introduction to the OP500

Adjust the settings of your Compustar remote or security control module by connecting it to the Option Programmer (or 'OP500') via the antenna port. Note: some remote transmitters also feature the ability to change settings on the control module. Learn more